10 Best Dimension 20 Campaign Settings, Ranked

Unlike many other web shows, Dropout’s Dimension 20 has a more anthology format to its storytelling. Each season tells its own narrative, largely disconnected from the others. There are some sequels with overarching storylines, but the show mostly follows self-contained campaigns, each in its own setting.

This is one of Dimension 20‘s most adored strengths. Each season gets to explore a setting unlike anything the show has had before, giving it unmatched range. Some of these settings stand out for fans. They’re particularly iconic or beloved in a packed slate of well-liked fictional worlds.

10 Gowpenny Academy of Arcane Arts

Dimension 20: Misfits and Magic

Misfits and Magic is a Dimension 20 side campaign run by Aabria Iyengar. Unlike most Dimension 20 campaigns, it uses the Kids on Brooms RPG system over Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. This ties into its setting, a British magical boarding school that doesn’t disguise the Harry Potter references inherent in its premise.

Misfits and Magic‘s Gowpenny Academy of Arcane Arts is an entertaining lampooning of Harry Potter‘s Hogwarts that isn’t afraid to stand out as its own setting. The British school and its clash with American exchange students as protagonists lends itself to some of the season’s best comedy. Despite the season’s short length, Misfits and Magic has provided one of Dimension 20‘s more enduring campaign settings.

9 Bram University

Dimension 20: Shriek Week

Many Dimension 20 fans consider Shriek Week one of the more underwhelming campaigns. The disconnect between the DM’s romance story and the players’ desire to quest leads to an uneven season that feels undercooked compared to other campaigns. However, few fans can complain about the setting.

Dimension 20: Shriek Week takes place in Bram University, an institution designed for humans and monsters to coexist together. It draws heavily from gothic horror in a way that affectionately pokes fun at its stories and conventions without ever feeling mean-spirited. Many Dimension 20 fans wish that Bram University had been given a more cohesive campaign to match its potential.

8 Tufting Meadows

Dimension 20: Mice & Murders

Mice & Murders takes place in an alternate universe version of Edwardian England inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. It draws on The Wind in the Willows with far more violence, vulgarity, and intrigue than its inspiration. The result is one of Dimension 20‘s most entertaining side quest settings.

The ‘ unusual cast that they play to the hilt. The players all clearly delight at a murder mystery in the archetypal Sherlock Holmes era, coupled with a fun twist in its anthropomorphic inhabitants. Few Dimension 20 campaigns have the players embrace a setting so wholeheartedly.

7 Leviathan

Dimension 20: Pirates Of Leviathan

Dimension 20: Pirates of Leviathan takes place in Spyre, the same world as the acclaimed Dimension 20: Fantasy High campaigns. However, it leaves behind the setting of Augefort Academy and Elmville in favor of something more overtly fantasy. Pirates of Leviathan is set in the titular city of Leviathan, a floating pirate metropolis made up of shipwrecks.

Leviathan’s very premise makes it one of Dimension 20‘s most notable settings. However, it’s more than a snappy elevator pitch. DM Brennan Lee Mulligan puts genuine thought into the worldbuilding behind Leviathan, making it feel like a real place despite its distinctly fantastical nature.

6 Faerie

Dimension 20: A Court Of Fey And Flowers

A Court of Fey and Flowers is a Dimension 20 campaign that takes place in Faerie, the world of the Fey. Rather than exploring Fey as creatures of chaos like most D&D material does, it takes a very different tack. A Court of Fey and Flowers plays out as a regency-esque social drama, complete with strict rules for social etiquette.

Faerie proves the perfect setting for a D&D game based on social interaction and interpersonal connections, bolstered by the use of Good Society rules for interaction. The fantastical nature of Faerie, its courts, and its etiquette make for a perfect counterpoint to the very grounded and mundane interpersonal matters that guide A Court of Fey and Flowers‘ story.

5 The Neverafter

Dimension 20: Neverafter

Neverafter is Dimension 20‘s most overtly horror-themed campaign. It takes place in the titular Neverafter, based on the darker and less sanitized versions of classic folk stories and fairytales. The Neverafter has these different stories able to interact, creating a world that explores folklore and its implications in a unique way.

The Neverafter allows Dimension 20 to explore horror in a way the game rarely manages. However, it also makes for an allegory about storytelling and the way different versions of a narrative can endure and shift over time. The Neverafter’s combination of overt scares and genuine philosophical ruminations makes it a fan-favorite Dimension 20 setting.

4 Candia

Dimension 20: A Crown Of Candy

A Crown of Candy‘s Candia setting is the greatest example of dissonance in all of Dimension 20. The world is an overly saccharine food-themed land where everything is modeled on a type of sweets or chocolate. Everything is bright, colorful, and dusted with sugar. However, Candia’s inhabitants are some of the most low-down and contemptible people in Dimension 20.

A Crown of Candy thrives on the disconnect between its bright setting and the vicious politics of its main story. It combines a comedic premise with Game of Thrones-esque intrigue, plotting, and violence that makes for one of Dimension 20‘s darkest-ever campaigns. The result is a fan-favorite setting many were been delighted to see return in Dimension 20:The Ravening War.

3 Starstruck Universe

Dimension 20: A Starstruck Odyssey

A Starstruck Oydyssey is an unusual Dimension 20 campaign because its setting is not created by the DM. It isn’t even inspired by other works of fiction that the show makes its own. Instead, it takes place in the universe of the Starstruck stage play and comic book, both made by Brennan Lee Mulligan’s mother Elaine Lee.

A Starstruck Odyssey takes place in the far future after a decentralized human race has managed to spread out across the stars. It’s wackily comedic and cold-blooded satire in equal measure. Dimension 20: A Starstruck Odyssey has received mass praise from fans off of how much Mulligan clearly enjoys interacting with his mother’s setting.

2 Elmville

Dimension 20: Fantasy High

Most of Fantasy High takes place in the Aguefort Adventuring Academy that gives the campaign and its sequels their name. However, the unique premise of Elmville, where Augefort is located, sells the campaign’s unique aesthetic. Elmville is a region of a classic fantasy world, with all the strange beings and mysticism one would expect, that resembles 20th-century small-town America.

Fantasy High and its sequels use this for endless comedy that helps sell Dimension 20‘s unique tone. The combination of high fantasy adventuring and high school teen drama creates a distinctive feel many players are immensely fond of. There’s a reason Dimension 20 frequently returns to Elmville and the larger world of Spyre.

1 New York City

Dimension 20: The Unsleeping City

Several Dimension 20 campaigns blend fantasy and the real world in unexpected ways. However, Dimension 20: The Unsleeping City goes one step further, verging on full-blown magical realism. It takes place in modern-day New York City, except that the region serves as a fault line between the mundane waking world and the land of dreams.

Dimension 20: The Sleeping City’s urban fantasy is a love letter to New York that uses many iconic real-world locations as the setpiece for fantasy battles. It also has one of the most impressive mythologies of any Dimension 20 campaign, with its own fleshed-out cosmology and figures like the Vox Populi and Vox Phantasma.

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