10 Great One Piece Quotes That Define a Main Character

One Piece is packed with not just cool worldbuilding and exciting fight scenes, but also some incredible dialogue to bring all these characters and their world to life. Dialogue is often the best way for characters to express themselves and comment on the world they live in, and the best quotes will stick in viewers’ minds for many years to come.

One Piece may have plenty of cheap and silly dialogue, such as shouting attack names or friendly banter, but the dialogue isn’t all fluff. In every story arc, the best One Piece characters will have something profound or meaningful to say, which often encapsulates exactly who these characters are and what they stand for.

10 Monkey D. Luffy: “If You Don’t Take Risks, You Can’t Create A Future.”

Protagonist Monkey D. Luffy might blurt out a lot of nonsense in One Piece, but he’s not as foolish as his worst dialogue would suggest. Luffy puts more thought into his adventure and his life than many other One Piece characters give him credit for, and his dialogue reflects this. His best quotes also stem from his practical, go-getter ESTP personality type.

Luffy is always working toward the future, and even if he’s not a crafty schemer or meticulous planner, he has the right attitude to seize his destiny and make something of himself. Planning and strategy are great, but action and confidence are what turn dreams into reality so a person, pirate or not, can unlock the future they want.

9 Sanji Vinsmoke: “I Understand Starving People More Than Anyone.”

Luffy’s chef and crewmate Sanji Vinsmoke often acts self-centered in One Piece, from seeking out the All Blue for his own culinary purposes to chasing after women for his own pleasure. Rarely does Sanji show any sympathy or emotionally support others, but if he meets the right people, he will show them kindness after all.

Sanji’s quote about starving people proved that for a tough guy like him, it takes personal experience for Sanji to truly connect with someone and understand their hardships. This harkens back to Sanji’s rough experience on that chunk of rock with Zeff, where they nearly died of starvation, and it helps explain why Sanji detests wasting food.

8 Roronoa Zoro: “Bring On The Hardship. It’s Preferred In A Path Of Carnage.”

Roronoa Zoro the swordsman has a tough-guy persona, and he often speaks in terse, harsh ways to express himself and what he thinks of others. This means Zoro has some of the best and coolest dialogue among One Piece‘s main characters, including his quote about living a life of challenges and hardship.

Zoro knows that as a pirate serving the future pirate king, his career will be filled with deadly challenges. Instead of fearing that hardship, Zoro embraces it all as a chance to grow stronger and prove himself. Zoro understands that no one, warrior or not, improves themselves when they’re comfortable.

7 Nami: “Life Is Like A Pencil That Will Surely Run Out, But Will Leave The Beautiful Writing Of Life.”

Nami was always fascinated by maps, and she vowed to become a great cartographer who would draw a map of the entire world. Now Nami can realize that lofty dream as Luffy’s navigator, and she applies this philosophy to life in general.

Nami compares life to a pencil, knowing that people may wear themselves out as they go, but they will have plenty to show for it. A life can be either spent or wasted, but will end regardless, so Nami believes people can and should spend their lives creating something incredible and make their limited time mean something.

6 Usopp: “Don’t Act Like You’re About To Die!”

Like his captain Luffy, Usopp the sniper king has plenty of goofy and forgettable dialogue, and he’s also prone to telling tall tales, hence his big nose. However, Usopp also has some heartfelt things to say, usually to help motivate his crew and show what a wonderful, caring person he is.

Usopp’s line about not acting like someone is about to die is a fairly standard shonen sentiment, but it still means a lot. No one, certainly not a Straw Hat, should give up before they die and deny themselves one last chance to fight back. If someone has lost in their mind, then they will definitely lose on the outside, too.

5 Tony Tony Chopper: “Now, I Just Want To Be A Monster That Can Help Luffy.”

Tony Tony Chopper the reindeer made his debut in the Drum Island story arc, as the disciple of the late Dr. Hiriluk and an associate of Dr. Kureha’s. Chopper ate a Devil Fruit to be more human, including talking and walking upright, but when he met Luffy, Chopper wasn’t afraid to be his original self.

Chopper found acceptance and validation with Luffy’s crew, so he no longer tried so hard to hide his monster side. Chopper felt free to use his Rumble Balls to become a great shaggy beast who can pummel his enemies for Luffy’s sake, and that kind of self-acceptance means a lot coming from an animal who rejects being his actual species.

4 Nico Robin: “When You Have A Hard Time, Just Laugh.”

Nico Robin is a clever, independent-minded kuudere who joined the Straw Hat crew as the Alabasta arc ended. For a time, Robin kept her true feelings and past life to herself as a mysterious Straw Hat, but eventually, One Piece fans learned the truth. Nico Robin had been through a lot, and it almost broke her.

Robin was ready to give up and handed herself over to the World Government at Enies Lobby to save her friends, but then she was inspired to survive after all. Nico Robin’s emotional resilience is expressed well in her quote about hard times, since laughter is indeed the best medicine. It can refresh the mind and give someone the resolve and willpower to face their hardships once again.

3 Franky: “Existing Is Not A Crime!”

The cyborg shipbuilder Franky, like Luffy and Usopp, tends to have a lot of silly dialogue for the sake of comic relief throughout One Piece. Still, Franky can be serious if he sees fit, such as his quote to Nico Robin in the Water 7 saga‘s climax at Enies Lobby.

Franky’s line was most resonant for Nico Robin, who felt like a criminal just for being a well-read scholar from Ohara, but it can apply to anyone. Even if someone has made past mistakes or comes from a rough place, their past does not make them a bad person, and they can always find new ways to validate themselves in the present.

2 Brook: “Death Is Never An Apology.”

Brook the musical skeleton often talked about death and bones for obvious reasons, sometimes for humor’s sake and sometimes to say something profound. Brook has a unique view on death and the afterlife, having already died once, and he’s determined to not glamorize death for any reason.

Brook highly values life and can’t stand it when people choose to embrace death instead. For example, Brook noted that a person’s death cannot make things right, and a person cannot make up for their past wrongs by ending their lives. Death won’t erase what happened, and even if the dead person’s enemies are satisfied, it’s an empty satisfaction.

1 Portgas D. Ace: “Thank You For Loving Me!”

Luffy’s brother, Portgas D. Ace, didn’t get much familial love growing up in the Goa Kingdom, so instead, he embraced Sabo and Luffy as his brothers. Then Ace grew up and embarked on his pirating adventure, and he only saw Luffy a few more times until his death. But even if the brothers were often kept apart, their bond remained strong.

During the climax of the Summit War saga at Marineford, Ace suffered a mortal blow and knew he didn’t have long. So, he held Luffy one more time and said what always meant to say: to thank Luffy for being his loving brother. That allowed Ace to pass in peace, and he even died with a smile on his face, as per the Will of D.

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