10 Marvel Romances That Never Made Sense

Marvel Comics is filled with romance. Cyclops and Jean Grey, Sue Storm and Mr. Fantastic, and Spider-Man and MJ are just some of the iconic couples who have dominated comics for decades. They drive stories, support each other, and protect their loved ones whenever they can. Best of all, many of Marvel’s iconic couples have been married at one point or another.

Despite how great Marvel’s romances can be, some couples have connections that are downright bizarre. Some partners are already in satisfying relationships, and they lack any bond with their new partner whatsoever. Others just have contradictory motivations in life or are in unhealthy relationships. Either way, some Marvel romances make very little sense upon a closer inspection..

10 Doctor Doom And Scarlet Witch

Years after the Scarlet Witch decimated the mutant population, the Young Avengers went looking for her. They found her in Doctor Doom’s castle, living under his protection. The two had fallen in love and gotten engaged. Doom was even willing to take the blame for the Decimation.

It can be hard to believe Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch’s relationship was real, given how little time they had ever spent together prior. They had little chemistry, and Doom had spent his entire life lusting after Sue Storm. The relationship had no build-up and was just presented as a twist that could theoretically relieve the Scarlet Witch of the consequences of House of M. Considering that she has been redeemed multiple times since, that first attempt didn’t work, and it never made much sense.

9 Iron Man And Hellcat

After spending years with other partners, Iron Man eventually turned his attention to Hellcat. The two had never had any memorable one-on-one conversations, and they had very little chemistry. The two barely seemed to like each other platonically, let alone romantically.

Iron Man would propose after a relatively short amount of time, leaving both listless for a time. It also felt strange to pair a high-profile character like Iron Man with a character who often falls back into limbo. Considering how quickly Iron Man and Hellcat’s relationship fell apart, they were really never meant to be. Any relationship between them just felt like an excuse for drama.

8 Kitty Pryde And Star-Lord

Kitty Pryde is a character best known for fighting for mutant rights from a mansion in Westchester. Star-Lord is best known for fighting to protect the galaxy as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Realistically, the two should never even encounter each other. Somehow, they became engaged.

The Kitty Pryde and Star-Lord met and began a bizarre long-distance relationship that would eventually send Kitty into space. While Star-Lord ruled over Spartax, Kitty took his place as Star-Lord and became a dedicated Guardian. It was a fun slow-burn relationship while it lasted, but it never made much sense. As a mutant defender, Kitty had no reason to abandon the X-Men’s cause.

7 Kitty Pryde And Colossus

Star-Lord wasn’t Kitty’s only strange relationship. Kitty’s connection with Colossus began when she was just 13, and while Colossus was already a 19-year-old. The two had very little in common, and Colossus always seemed outright uncomfortable with Kitty’s interest. Eventually, he started a relationship, and no one on the team appeared to mind.

If the relationship didn’t already feel strange enough, the two broke up after Colossus fell in love with an alien. He would then become exceptionally jealous of Kitty’s relationship with Pete Wisdom. From then on, they had an on-and-off relationship that almost ended in marriage. Thanks to its bizarre and uncomfortable elements, Kitty and Colossus’ relationship had long overstayed its welcome.

6 Nate Grey And Madelyne Pryor

Cable and Jean Grey are some of the more popular characters among the X-Men. Both characters also have prominent variants. Nate Grey is an alternate universe Cable, and Madelyne Pryor is Jean’s clone. Two characters having confusing backstories and finding common ground through that is a natural progression.

What made their relationship uncomfortable was that Nate Grey and Madelyne Pryor were technically related. Nate was Madelyne’s alternate universe son, and Madelyne was still perfectly happy to lean in for a kiss. While she has been a villainous character for years, that was a step too far. Madelyne could have used Nate for her own ends without pursuing a relationship. Their romance was beyond unnecessary.

5 Jean Grey And Wolverine

In terms of relationships, Jean Grey is best known for her bond with Cyclops. Yet her on-and-off attraction to Wolverine has been an aspect of the character for decades. Wolverine regularly strives to earn her love and is constantly rebuffed. On rare occasions, Jean reciprocates Wolverine’s attempts, which often earns Cyclops’ ire.

The romance is often tragic, given how often Jean dies, but it never made much sense. Wolverine barely knew Jean before she gave in to the Dark Phoenix. That he is still so hung up on her decades later is bizarre for a man who has lived through multiple centuries. Had he actually had time to bond with her, it might have been different.

4 Spider-Man And Silk

Having been bitten by the same radioactive spider, Spider-Man and Silk have a lot in common. Unfortunately, that includes sharing pheromones that make them incredibly attracted to each other. Spiders in the real world do have pheromones, so it makes sense that it would be among the powers that Spider-Man should have.

The pheromones should not, however, make them attracted to each other. After all, the same spider bit them both. A spider should realistically not be attracted to itself. This factor makes their connection entirely artificial. That allows for no natural growth or chemistry. Everything is always forced, which means neither character is ever entitled to agency.

3 Sue Storm And Namor

Namor is an Atlantean hybrid and a World War II veteran with an eternal hatred for humanity. Sue Storm is a member of the Fantastic Four with an endless love for her family. In many ways, Sue’s flings with Namor represent her rejection of typical gender roles. In other ways, it just spits in the face of Sue’s legacy and morals.

One of the problems with Marvel romances is the overabundance of love triangles. The triangle between Mr. Fantastic, Sue, and Namor is one of the earliest. It never really did much for either character, and it never made sense for either of them. Most of the time, Namor despises humanity, so pairing him with an Atlantean would have been more realistic.

2 Quicksilver And The Scarlet Witch

Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch have always been a strange pair. As brother and sister, they were raised together, and they have always been close. Quicksilver is abnormally over-protective, but they have always enjoyed a strong relationship. No matter what, they have always worked to protect each other as best as they can.

That’s what made it so strange that the Ultimate universe decided the twins should be in a romantic relationship. It reflects poorly on the connection the twins have in Earth-616 and takes away any wholesome elements the characters had. It even corrupts Quicksilver’s protectiveness just to add an element of edge that was never necessary.

1 Magneto And Rogue

Magneto and Rogue’s relationship is largely rooted in two concepts. The first is his ability to touch her without her powers harming him. The second is that both started off as mutant revolutionaries fighting against the X-Men, thanks to their tragic backstories. While the second concept makes sense, the first is utterly ridiculous.

Magneto’s magnetism powers are already incredibly overpowered. They shouldn’t have anything to do with Rogue’s abilities. Magnetism can’t prevent powers from being sapped away, leaving it as a strange contrivance to make the relationship work. There was no real reason for it. Even Rogue and Magneto’s time in the Savage Land together never made their love convincing.

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