10 Most Rewatchable Avatar: The Last Airbender Episodes

Avatar: The Last Airbender has been a hit since it debuted in 2005. Since then, it has accumulated fans around the globe for the way it portrays tough issues. The characters are a large part of what makes the show so accessible for its young audience. They help create a story that features a lot of political issues, but never talks down to its viewers. Congruently, the show has also been praised for its humor and realistic relationship dynamics.

It is because of all these aspects that Avatar: The Last Airbender is an enduringly rewatchable show. However, many episodes stand out for their epic battles, hilarious jokes, and emotional moments. The entire show is rewatchable, but a handful of episodes go beyond to help prove why Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the best programs ever.

10 The Blind Bandit

“The Blind Bandit” is the first episode where the fan-favorite character, Toph Beifong, is introduced. Aang and the others have been searching long and hard for an Earthbending master, only to find their solution in an Earthbending wrestling match.

Seeing Toph for the first time and experiencing her bending style are some of the coolest moments in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Her fight with Aang is especially impressive since he stays in the air to avoid her “seeing” him. The fights, the characters, and The Boulder’s ever-quotable line are all the reasons fans need to rewatch this episode.

9 The Boiling Rock

“The Boiling Rock” is a two-part episode that depicts Zuko and Sokka trying to break into the titular prison to rescue Sokka and Katara’s dad. The often unexplored dynamic that is a Zuko and Sokka partnership comes together beautifully in this as Zuko’s logic and Sokka’s creativity mesh to create an escape plan.

The latter part of the episode also features a lot of character development for Mai and Ty Lee, who finally break free from Azula’s rule. Their fight is one of the more emotionally-charged battles, and it displays how far Azula has fallen. “The Boiling Rock”‘s thrilling atmosphere and emphasis on character relationships make for a great rewatch.

8 The Avatar and the Firelord

“The Avatar and the Firelord” is a great episode to rewatch because it gives backstory not only about the previous Avatar’s life but also about the Fire Lord who began the 100-year war.

Due to the details that are revealed in this episode, it is almost imperative that fans give this episode a second watch. Roku’s explanation about his dealings with Fire Lord Sozin and his own eventual demise paints a clearer picture for audiences to understand what caused the conflict, and why people are still fighting.

7 The Crossroads of Destiny

“The Crossroads of Destiny” is a pivotal episode. Aang and Zuko have to come to terms with the type of people they want to become, and they each choose a vastly different path. The tension is high in this episode, as well, as Azula has successfully conquered Ba Sing Se, and later (with Zuko’s help) hits Aang with a fatal blow.

So much happens in this episode that it’s beneficial to rewatch it. Although it is filled with strained emotions, it is also the turning point for the entire series. “The Crossroads of Destiny” is the first time team Avatar has truly lost, and the Fire Nation appears to be back on top. This large dynamic shift is so shocking and intense, that it begs to be rewatched for fans to remember how great the stakes were just before the final season.

6 The Siege Of The North

“The Siege of the North” is another two-part episode that details Admiral Zhao’s attack on the Northern Water Tribe. For the first time, fans are introduced to the true might of the Fire Nation Navy, and they nearly win.

This episode has all the suspense that became part of the show’s signature. It also represents the first time Aang goes into a fully-fledged Avatar State, and fans get to see his true might. Although the second part of the episode ends on a sour note with Yue ascending as the moon, it also signifies the greater scope of Team Avatar’s adventure.

5 Sozin’s Comet

“Sozin’s Comet” is the culmination of the entire show. This four-part episode is where everyone comes together to engage in the final battle. Aang finally faces Ozai, Zuko confronts Azula, and Sokka proves that he’s more than the non-bending sidekick.

“Sozin’s Comet” is rewatchable because it’s what the entire show leads up to. The tension before and during the fight and the triumphant ending are so extreme that fans could watch it over and over again without getting tired of it. New and old fans return to it time and again because it has some of the best writing, and they want to remember what it felt like watching the finale for the first time.

4 The Cave Of Two Lovers

One of the funniest episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender is “The Cave of Two Lovers.” This episode shows the original Gaang trying to reach the city of Omashu by entering a maze of tunnels, but they are joined by a band of eccentric traveling nomads.

The juxtaposition between Aang and Katara’s budding romance and Sokka and the nomads’ antics makes for one of the most entertaining episodes. Many quotable lines are given birth in this story, and it provides some relief from Zuko’s pursuit. This episode is one that fans like to watch repeatedly because of all its humor.

3 The Beach

“The Beach” is a rare episode where the villains take a break to have a vacation. Fans are introduced to Zuko, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee in a civilian setting, while Team Avatar is pursued by a new enemy, Combustion Man. Though seeing the Gaang in peril is the norm for the show, getting to see the villains as normal people is not only refreshing but entirely entertaining.

Fans are drawn to rewatching this episode because it reminds them that the villains previously mentioned are still just teenagers. They want to enjoy the same things regular teenagers do, but they can’t because of who their parents are. Though a lot of it is hilarious, there is a melancholy to the episode as well that paints the villains in a more vulnerable light.

2 Ember Island Players

“Ember Island Players” is an uproarious retelling of the entire series thus far. The episode sees the Gaang attending a play about their lives, but become distressed by the poor casting and incorrect information being passed off as true.

Lots of shows have recap episodes before the end, but none are as creative as “Ember Island Players.” Although most of the performance is played for laughs, it is also clear that the show is reminding audiences of how far everyone has come. It’s clever, hilarious, and a fan-favorite rewatch.

1 The Puppet Master

“The Puppet Master” is the most terrifying episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender. Viewers are introduced to Hama, a former Water Tribe native who lives alone in the woods and likes to mess with any Fire Nation member she finds. However, the way she toys with them is the reason so many fans rewatch this episode.

Hama introduces Bloodbending to Katara. Not only does Hama try to inflict pain on Katara, but Katara is forced to use Bloodbending herself to get away. It is a sick, twisted episode that seems so dark – even for a show that depicts war. The horror aspect of this episode is what keeps fans going back.

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