Loki EP Insists Jonathan Majors’ Victor Timely Still Plays a ‘Big Part’ in Season 2

Jonathan Majors’ Victor Timely is still set to play a major role in Loki Season 2, according to executive producer Kevin Wright.

Wright indicated that Majors’ real-life legal issues haven’t resulted in Marvel Studios retooling Loki‘s second season to minimize his character’s importance during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Victor Timely is somebody that we are very, very excited about,” he said. “When you look at Kang, he has a very funny comic backstory. He has all these iterations. Timely was one that we’ve always wanted to do in Loki. And I think we’re really excited about how that integrates into the season. It’s a big part of the show.”

Wright’s comments track with a recent report that purported to reveal how much screentime Majors will have in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe series. The report claimed that Majors will portray Kang the Conqueror variant Timely in “about half of the episodes” in Loki Season 2’s six-episode run. While neither Marvel Studios nor Disney+ responded to the report’s contents at the time, Wright’s interview with Entertainment Weekly suggests that they are indeed broadly accurate. That said, Wright didn’t spill the beans entirely, remaining tight-lipped on whether MCU fans can expect to see Majors play other incarnations of Kang besides Timely.

Loki Season 2 EP Discusses Ke Huy Quan’s Character

The executive producer was decidedly more forthcoming when it came to other characters in Loki‘s second season, though — especially Ke Huy Quan’s OB. Wright offered new insight into how OB factors into Season 2’s plot, describing him as the Time Variance Authority’s top inventor and technician. “[OB’s] job is basically every piece of tech, every computer, everything that is running at the TVA,” he explained. “He either designed it, or he fixes it and keeps it running.” Wright also revealed that the in-demand Quan accepted the role because he’s “a giant Marvel fan and was a big fan of Loki Season 1.”

MCU devotees won’t have to wait long to see both Victor Timely and OB in action, either. In a recent post on the official Loki X account, Marvel Studios announced that Season 2 will premiere on Oct. 5, 2023 — one day earlier than previously advertised. No reason was given for Loki Season 2’s earlier debut, although it forms part of a recent trend of Disney+ bumping up release dates. Another of the streaming platform’s major releases, Ahsoka, also dropped a day early in August 2023.

Source: EW

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