Percy Jackson Is Front and Center in New Motion Poster for Disney+ Series

Percy Jackson takes a knee with his sword Riptide in the new motion poster for Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Disney+ shared the motion poster on its official X account with the caption, “A storm is coming.” The motion poster also confirms that the first season of the hotly-anticipated series adaptation of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson novels will premiere on Disney+ on Dec. 20. Walker Scobell leads the cast of Percy Jackson as its titular demigod while Leah Jeffries and Aryan Simhadri round out the main trio of characters as Annabeth Chase and Grover, respectively.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians was announced in May 2020, five months after Riordan successfully pitched the potential series to Disney+. The first season will adapt author Riordan’s 2005 children’s novel, The Lightning Thief, which was previously adapted into a feature film in 2010. Unlike the 2010 film, the Disney+ series promises to be a more faithful adaptation of The Lightning Thief, following 12-year-old demigod Percy Jackson as he embarks on a cross-country quest with Annabeth and Grover to track down the lost lightning bolt of Zeus and restore order to Mount Olympus.

Rick Riordan Created Percy Jackson for His Son

Riordan, who serves as a co-writer, creative consultant and executive producer on the Disney+ Percy Jackson series, recently recalled how his son Haley is responsible for the creation of the fan-favorite title character. “[Haley] was struggling with dyslexia and ADHD, having a terrible time in school, but the one thing he did love was Greek mythology. As a classroom teacher myself, I knew a great deal about Greek mythology. I loved teaching it,” the author explained. “So I started telling him stories from the Greek myths and, when I ran out of the old stuff, I made up a new Greek hero: A modern-day kid named Percy Jackson who, like my son, has ADHD and dyslexia and finds out that those are indicators that you may well be a demigod. My son had no trouble believing that.”

Percy Jackson Likely to Receive a Second Season

Although Percy Jackson has not yet premiered on Disney+, Riordan confirmed that a writers’ room for a potential second season, which would adapt his 2006 novel The Sea of Monsters, had already been assembled. However, Riordan warned fans that this “does NOT mean the second season has been green-lit yet. It’s too early for that. But we have been approved to start developing scripts, and I think everyone’s expectation is that a second season will happen if all goes as planned.” It is worth noting that the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike has likely shut down the writers’ room for the time being.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians premieres on Disney+ on Dec. 20.

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