Robert Pattinson’s Batman Built His Batmobile in a Basement Without Advanced Technology

The 2022 epic superhero film, The Batman, kicked off a new chapter in the Caped Crusader’s Hollywood journey, from writer-director Matt Reeves, and lead actor, Robert Pattinson.

In order to resonate with the film’s more grounded themes, and also to avoid repetition, considering the long history of the hero’s numerous adaptations over the years, the makers took a more unconventional approach to design even the smallest details. Batman’s ride, the Batmobile, is one such element that takes center stage in the film while embodying a departure from convention.

In a video shared by Warner Bros. Entertainment on YouTube, Reeves, Pattinson, and the production crew involved in the Batmobile’s creation shed light on the distinctive vision behind this vehicular marvel. Producer Dylan Clark shared that it was crucial that the Batmobile’s construction looked mature and authentic, with the belief that Bruce Wayne crafted it himself. Pattinson agreed, “I like that you can see the construction. It’s not like it’s alien technology or like, super high-tech military technology. Like it’s built it himself in his basement.”

“The look of the Batmobile, hopefully, reflects that he couldn’t care less about his wealth and the Wayne Industries at this point and that he’s doing it all himself,” added production designer James Chinlund. “When we first spoke about the Batmobile, it was quite apparent that this wanted to be completely different,” remarked Dominic Tuohy, the visual effects supervisor. He empathized with giving the model a “grunge” look that complemented the film’s gothic look and also bore a deliberately weathered look, that suggests the vehicle has seen its share of action.

The crafting of the Batmobile had to merge practicality with aesthetics, resulting in a machine that exudes both power and purpose. The collaborative effort brought car designer Ash Thorpe, who as Reeves revealed, had long dreamed of taking part in the car’s creation. The team of designers ensured every element was tangible and meticulously crafted. The body fabrication was entrusted to a UK-based group, known for its expertise in precision engineering. The design incorporated a robust big block, a 3D printed engine, and a host of effects, from flame to lighting, all synchronized to bring the vehicle to life.

The Batmobile Prioritizes Strength

With an eye on action-packed sequences, the Batmobile’s design prioritized strength, envisioning it as both performer and battering ram. The front of the vehicle was engineered for maximum impact, capable of withstanding high-speed collisions. Reeves also reflected on this decision, stating, “We knew that we were in our car chase that we were going to be crashing into other vehicles. So it was important to us that we made the front of the car as strong as possible.”

The Batmobile will hopefully again be seen in the film’s upcoming sequel, The Batman Part 2. In the meantime, The Batman is available to watch on Max.

Source: Warner Bros. Entertainment

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