Star Wars: Visions Opens Possibilities for the High Republic Era

The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: Visions Season 2, Episode 9, “Aau’s Song,” streaming now on Disney+.

Throughout the Star Wars eras, Jedi have forged bonds with the Force in many ways that are tied to their own view of the Force. Some Jedi view the Force as a fire, some Jedi view the Force as a river, and these unique takes on the Force can lead to surprising abilities. In Star Wars: Visions second season, Triggerfish’s “Aau’s Song” explores how Aau connects to the Force through music. Aau’s Force singing ability is strong enough to purify an entire mine of kyber that has been corrupted by the Sith, a feat that most fully trained Jedi Masters would be unable to achieve.

Aau’s connection to the Force through song mirrors the High Republic era’s Avar Kriss. In Phase I of the Star Wars: The High Republic subseries, Avar can connect with her fellow Jedi through the song of the Force; through this connection, they achieve communal feats that no Jedi could accomplish on their own. Comparing both Aau and Avar’s Force music abilities opens up possibilities for Aau’s future and also for future expansions on Avar’s abilities as the Star Wars: The High Republic subseries moves into its third phase.

How Aau and Avar Kriss Share Musical Connections to Star Wars’ Force

Throughout “Aau’s Song,” Aau’s Force-singing ability is portrayed as a connection. Early in the episode, Aau’s father, Abat, shows Jedi Master Kratu an infected kyber crystal. Aau visualizes herself and the crystal in space, with the blue light of her Force ability connecting with the red of the crystal’s infection. When Aau encounters the infected kyber in the mine, she hears voices singing. These voices could be the voices of the kyber crystals from under the infection, or these voices could also represent Aau’s home planet of Korba and all the life it contains. As Aau joins in their song, the chorus strengthens. However, the song turns to screams when Abat interrupts his daughter’s song, and the crystals are plunged back into their infected darkness.

Aau is able to cleanse the mine once she gives herself fully to her Force song. As before, her voice strengthens the chorus, and she is able to rid the kyber and Korba of the Sith’s infection forever. After Kratu excitedly informs Abat and Aau that the kyber has been cured, she explains, “Your voice, Aau. Across the thousands of stars I have traveled, never have I heard anything like it.” Kratu’s praise emphasizes just how rare Aau’s connection to the Force and its song is within the Star Wars universe and underscores just how powerful Aau truly is.

Avar Kriss’ song of the Force also focuses on connection, especially to her fellow Jedi. For example, in Charles Soule’s Star Wars: The High Republic: Light of the Jedi, a group of space marauders known as the Nihil attack multiple ships in hyperspace, sending debris careening across the galaxy at light speed, devastating multiple planets throughout the Outer Rim. Among this debris is a container of liquid Tibanna, which was sent on a path to the sun of Hetzel Prime, which could have destroyed the entire system. However, Avar connects with her fellow Jedi throughout the galaxy through the Force’s song, and through their combined efforts, they divert the module’s path and save the system.

At the end of Phase I, the Nihil’s leader Marchion Ro unleashes the Nameless upon the Starlight Beacon, the Jedi’s main Outer Rim outpost. The Nameless feed upon the Force, turning their main victims into calcified ash. While many Jedi are lost to the Nameless, Avar uses her song of the Force to help Estala Maru hold the station together to give enough time to save the survivors in Star Wars: The High Republic (2021) #15 by Cavan Scott, Ario Anindito, Mark Morales, Victor Olazaba, Carlos Lopez and Ariana Maher. Her song also awakens Jedi Knights Terec and Ceret from comas caused by the Nameless. While the Starlight Beacon ultimately is lost, Avar’s song helps save most of the Jedi through the bonds she has created.

Aau and Avar Kriss Show How the Force Can Be Expanded in Star Wars’ Future

At the end of “Aau’s Song,” Aau leaves Korba with Kratu to begin training. However, Avar’s abilities with the song of the Force show that Aau will still have her strong connection to her father and her home through her song no matter where she is in the galaxy. Her Force-singing ability will also aid her as she befriends other Jedi and connects with their songs. If Aau develops her abilities similar to Avar, she will be able to build new friends and community and help heal the galaxy from those who would threaten to destroy it.

Similarly, “Aau’s Song” provides hope for Avar Kriss and the High Republic‘s future. The first phase of the High Republic subseries ended with the Jedi’s defeat by Marchion Ro. However, if Avar develops a Force-singing ability similar to Aau’s, she could help turn the tide of the battle. She could potentially even use the Force to purify the Nameless and help heal any Jedi who have been scarred by their encounters with the Nameless and the Nihil.

Overall, both Aau and Avar open up new possibilities for the Force through their connection to the song of the universe. Currently, they have developed this connection in unique ways to help support their planet and their fellow Jedi, respectively. However, both Aau and Avar show how they and future Jedi could develop new abilities through the Force, music and connection in the future.

Season 2 of Star Wars: Visions is streaming on Disney+.

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